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  • The Institution of Engineers, (Selangor Malaysia)
  • CHEBAP - Centre des Hautes Études du Béton Armé et Précontraint
  • Le CHEC - Le Centre des hautes Etudes de la Construction
  • Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)
  • University Teknology PETRONAS (Civil Engineering Department / Malaysia) 
  • SPX - DB Thermal - Power Plant Construction in South Africa
  • HSK & Associate (engineers company in Singapore)
  • Conarte (Arhitekturi-ja projekteermisbüroo / Estonia)
  • i5 ingenieria (Talleres de Fabricación de Estructura Metálica y Calderería/ Barcelona, Spagna)
  • Company System 2000 Group Ltd,  (Erdington Birmingham) - Link
  • Alhambra S.r.l. LUSAS Italia,  (Terni, Italy) - Link
  • Amana Contracting & Steel Buildings, Amana Industries  (United Arab Emirates and Qatar) - Link
  • Structor (Norge) - Link

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    Name: Tryout_EN1991-1-4_(a)_12.xls/.zip

    Product Version: Tryout

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    Name: Tryout_EN1991-1-4_(a)_16.xls/.zip

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    Product Version: Tryout

    Size: 852 KB (872.448 byte)



    Name: Tryout_EN1991-1-3_(a).xls/.zip

    Product Version: Tryout

    Size: 564 KB (577.536 byte)


    Name: Tryout_EN1991-1-3_(b).xls/.zip

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    Name: Tryout_EN1991-1-4_(a).xls/.zip

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Tryout_EN1991-1-4_(a) (Excel 32-64 bit)

Sec. 7 - Sec. 7.4 Free-standing walls, parapets, fences and signboards. Sec. 7.4.2 Shelter factors for walls and fences. Sec. 7.4.3 Signboards.


Tryout_EN1991-1-4_(a) (Excel 32-64 bit)

Sec. 7 - Sec. 7.11 Lattice structures and scaffoldings.


Tryout_EN1991-1-4_(a) (Excel 32-64 bit)

Sec. 8 Wind actions on bridges. Sec. 8.3 Force coefficients. Sec. 8.3.1 Force coefficients in x-direction (general method). Sec. 8.3.2 Force in x-direction - Simplified Method. Sec. 8.3.3 Wind forces on bridge decks in z-direction. Sec. 8.3.4 Wind forces on bridge decks in y-direction.



EN1991-1-3_(a).zip (Excel 32-64 bit)

Sec. 5 - Snow load on roofs

Sec. 5 Roof shape coefficients. Sec. 5.3.2 Monopitch roofs. Sec. 5.3.3 Pitched roofs. Sec. 5.3.4 Multi-span roofs. Sec. 5.1 Nature of the load. Sec. 5.3.5 Cylindrical roofs. Sec. 5.3.6 Roof abutting and close to taller construction works.

Sec. 6 - Local effects - Sec. 6.2 Drifting at projections and obstructions. Sec. 6.3 Snow overhanging the edge of a roof. Sec. 6.4 Snow loads on snowguards and other obstacles.


EN1991-1-3_(b).zip (Excel 32-64 bit)

Annex A - Normative - Design situations and load arrangements to be used for different locations.

Annex B - Normative - Snow load shape coefficients for exceptional snow drift. Sec. B.2 Multi-span roofs. Sec. B.3 Roofs abutting and close to taller structures. Sec. B.4 Roofs where drifting occurs at projections and parapets.


EN1991-1-3_(c).zip (Excel 32-64 bit)

Annex C - Informative - European ground snow load maps.

(Expression characteristic snow load on the ground vs Climatic region). Sec. 4.3, Sec. 5.2 - Snow load on roofs (Sec. 5.2(3)P).

Annex D - Informative - Adjustment of the ground snow load according to return period.



EN1991-1-4_(a).zip (Excel 32-64 bit)

Sec. 4 - Wind velocity and velocity pressure

Sec. 4.2 Basic values. Sec. 4.3 Mean wind. Sec. 4.3.2 Terrain roughness. Sec. 4.3.1 Variation with height. Sec. 4.4 Wind turbolence. Sec. 4.5 Peak velocity pressure (basic velocity pressure, exposure factor).


EN1991-1-4_(a) (Excel 32-64 bit)

Sec. 7.2 - Pressure coefficients for building

Sec. 7.2.2 Vertical walls of rectangular plan buildings

UK National Annex - Fundamental value of the basic wind velocity.


EN1991-1-4_(a) (Excel 32-64 bit)

Sec. 7 - Pressure and force coefficients

Sec. 7.2 Pressure coefficients for building. Sec. 7.2.2 Vertical walls of rectangular plan buildings. Sec. 7.12 Asymmetric and counteracting pressure and forces.


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